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Currently, the construction machinery market is undergoing significant changes. The shift is driven by the transition from ownership to usage and increasing environmental awareness. In recent years, the market requires not only high-performance and high-quality machinery but also the best solutions for optimized operation throughout the entire lifecycle of construction machinery. To respond to these market changes, we must listen to our customers and become a "true solutions provider" that can address various customer issues.

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is in its second start-up period after separating from the Hitachi Group and restarting its independent expansion in the Americas. In this context, the unique "Group Identity" was established in 2022. This identity is our self-definition. It is something we have carefully cultivated since the time of our founding. At the same time, it is the essence of us and will continue to be passed down unchanged as we aim for the further growth of the Group. In discussing the Group Identity, we conducted a broad survey regarding symbolic phrases that would express the direction that we should take and formulated the new concept that embodies the various "desires".

In July 2024, we established the new concept "LANDCROS" as a proof of our desire to deliver innovative solutions. The logo design features the keywords of "LANDCROS" with the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, Japanese-rooted latest technology, and reliable solutions. From now on, under the Hitachi brand, we will utilize "LANDCROS" in a variety of internal and external occasions to spread a new image of Hitachi Construction Machinery to all stakeholders.

LANDCROS was born from desires of our employees. In the 2022 survey for employees, we received many proposals, including desires behind those words. The most common desires can be summarized as the following five. - We want to cross with our customers on their journey. - We want to be a reliable presence for our customers. - We want to openly co-create new businesses and value with our customers and partners, and develop together. - We want to propose innovative solutions to our customers and various stakeholders. - We want to connect with land through machines and contribute to ensure a prosperous land and society for the future. LANDCROS is a unified symbolic word that embodies the five desires. The LAND symbolizes our vision "Ensure a prosperous land and society for the future" which is defined in the Group Identity. The CROS represents "Customer, Reliable, Open, and Solutions", and reflects our direction toward becoming a solution provider.

We will increase the recognition of the new concept through catalogs and stickers. We will also utilize town hall meetings and our in-house training system to cultivate a sense of unity toward transformation among all employees. In combination with increasing awareness among stakeholders by using business cards imprinted with the new concept, we will broadly communicate our desire by placing stickers around the operator cabs of our machinery.