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Helping customers solve issues, aiming to build a sustainable society together

At Hitachi Construction Machinery, we have been working under the following vision: “‘To pass on a productive environment and prosperous cities to future generations.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Group helps to create comfortable living spaces.” We have been creating and advancing construction machinery that supports the social infrastructure, industries, and housing construction and development worldwide by improving our technological expertise with the development of society.

At these days initiatives for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been taken all over the world in the face of various changes, including urbanization, shifts in the demographic structure, climate change, and shortage of resources.
Amid these changes, I believe that the mission of Hitachi Construction Machinery is to build a sustainable society together with customers through the provision of Reliable solutions—combinations of products and solutions that help customers overcome issues in safety improvement, productivity improvement, and the reduction of lifecycle costs—by taking advantage of digital technologies such as ICT, IoT and AI.

In FY2020, 70 years after Hitachi, Ltd. commenced the mass production of construction machinery, we launched a new Mid-term Management Plan.
To make our corporate structure resilient, we will continue to strengthen a wide range of value chain businesses—parts, services, used machinery, rentals, parts remanufacturing, and finance—aiming to improve profitability and efficiency.

At Hitachi Construction Machinery, we will continue to provide products and solutions with social, environmental, and economic value for our customers by organically combining our proprietary technologies cultivated so far with technologies from One Hitachi and open innovations.

We invite you to stay tuned for the future business development of Hitachi Construction Machinery. I appreciate your continued support.

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