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Policies concerning social contributions

Business activities are only made possible by having a healthy global environment and sustainable social development.
In order to place an emphasis on social contributions, the HCM Group created the “Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Social Contribution Policy” in FY2006.
Under this policy, the HCM Group is deeply aware of the fact that we are part of society, and in addition to participating in the resolution of social issues through business activities we also undertake initiatives to achieve an even better society through social contribution activities.

Changes in social contribution related costs

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Social Contribution Policy

Our group solves problems in society through our business, and contributes to society as a good corporate citizen for a better society. Also, our group contributes to society by providing personal, material and financial supports, with the participation of our employees, making the most of our group features, with the understanding of our stakeholders.

Humanitarian support:
We do things for people, which cannot be done alone, by making the most of our group features.

Environmental conservation:
Our group performs activities to materialize a sustainable society where business coexists with the natural environment.

Local community coexistence:
Our group, which performs business throughout the world, goes along with the community.

Donating Medical Equipment to Pediatric Hospitals in Australia

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) supports donations of medical equipment to pediatric hospitals in Australia.
On December 15, 2016, HCA delivered a ventilator to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, in Sydney, New South Wales.
HCA supports the activities of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation (HDF) in Australia. The foundation was established as a charitable organization to help children in 1996. HDF is engaged in delivering medical equipment to pediatric hospitals in Australia. One the HDF’s fundraising activities is the Humpty’s Wish List which features life-saving medical equipment expressly needed by the over 250 hospitals and infant wards in Australia. The list provides donors with the opportunity to choose a piece of medical equipment for a hospital of their choice. Donors submit their request to the foundation and are matched with a hospital. HCA endorses this activity and each year donates medical equipment worth AU$100,000.
HCA plans to continue to work with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to carry out activities that put smiles on the faces of children in Australia.

Ventilator donation: nurse (far right) from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead pose

Ventilator donation: nurse (far right) from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead pose with Paul Francis (founder of Humpty Dumpty Foundation: far left), David Harvey (GM of HCA: center left) and Doris Pongrac (Business Projects Manager of HCA: center right)

Carbon Offsetting Activities Contributing to the Prevention of Global Warming—Results of Activities Equivalent to 100,000 Cedar Trees

HCM conducts carbon offset activities for the CO2 emitted via production or business operation.
In October 2016, the result of our cumulative carbon offsetting activities at the HCM Group was equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 100,000 cedar trees. To commemorate this achievement, a tree planting ceremony was held on June 30, 2017 at Tsuchiura Works, which was during Environment Month.
We first kicked off our carbon offsetting activities in November 2008. We embarked on these activities to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent global warming. Our goal was to offset CO2 emissions through these activities by roughly 1,400 tons, or when converted into the amount of CO2 absorbed by cedar trees, 100,000 trees.
The commemorative tree planting reflects our aspirations to continue implementing these full-fledged activities. Going forward, the HCM Group aims to continue to contribute to the prevention of global warming.

Commemorative tree planting
(from the left) Koji Sumioka, Executive Vice President, Tatsuro Ishizuka, Chairman of the Board, Kotaro Hirano, President, and Michifumi Tabuchi, Senior Vice President

Horqin Desert Afforestation Activities

On September 13, 2016, a group of 21 volunteers, comprising employees from Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and participants from 14 business partners conducted afforestation activities in the Horqin Desert, which is located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.
The volunteer Horqin Desert afforestation project was started in 2004. Over a 10-year period up to 2013, the program has planted trees and greenery in a 100,000 square meter plot of desert, which has been dubbed the Hitachi Construction Machinery Forest. A new ten-year vision was created and launched in 2014. The goal is to work with sales agents in China to plant vegetation in to 130,000 square meter plot of land.
In the afternoon, the volunteers were taken to a new 130,000 square meter patch of desert where they planted 150 pine tree seedlings. After they were finished, they watered the pine tree seedlings and prayed that the seedlings would grow into strong trees.
Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) and Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) are committed to continuing these afforestation activities.

Volunteer team

Volunteer team

Completed Construction of Primary School Teachers’ Dorms in Prahop Village, Cambodia Thanks to Fund-raising Activities

HCM continues to undertake initiatives in collaboration with Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra and Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan to help with community revitalization in Cambodia after land-mine removal through donating part of the profits from sales of mini excavators to NPO Good Earth Japan which conducts activities supporting the independence of local residents.
Those donations form the lion’s share of the fund which completed construction on teacher housing for a primary school in Prahop Village, Battambang Province, Cambodia in June 2017. While Cambodia is working towards enriching their education system, they haven’t been able to provide improved labor conditions for teachers in remote areas which is why continued support for NPOs and other organizations is needed.
We expect that the improvement in the environment will likely allow the teachers to focus more on their students’ education.


Completed teachers’ dorm

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