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The HCM Group has established “CSR Goal” and “CSR Activity Guidelines”, in addition to “CSR Agendas” which are based on the ISO 26000 global standard for corporate social responsibility; as of FY2015 we have begun work on those initiatives, and we continue to promote CSR activities. In addition, we have also discussed materiality identification when establishing creating shared value (CSV) themes, and in future we will be considering management systems based on the results.

CSR Goal

On the basis of our basic corporate credo and corporate vision, we will strive to realize sustainable society by properly understanding global social expectations into our expectations and integrating those expectations into our management, (1) contributing to resolving social issues, (2) governance, (3) and communication.

CSR Activity Guidelines

  1. Properly recognize social responsibility
  2. Identify relevant issues, establish priorities to address issues, and practice CSR activities
  3. Review and improve CSR activities through proactive communication and stakeholder engagement.

CSR Agendas

  1. Recognition of Social Responsibility
  2. Corporate governance
  3. Human rights
  4. Labor practices
  5. The environment
  6. Fair business practices
  7. Customer-oriented (consumer issues)
  8. Participation in and development of communities
  9. Confirmation and improvement of CSR activities

CSR/Diversity Committees

The HCM Group promotes CSR activities through their incorporation in the PDCA (plan–do–check–act) cycle as part of everyday work. CSR/diversity tasks are approved after deliberation by the committees.

Tasks of CSR/Diversity Committees

  1.  Deliberations on important matters including promotional policies and measures
  2.  Approval of annual plans
  3.  Approval of annual operations results and evaluations
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