Hitachi Construction Machinery


Using the Kenkijin Spirit as a driving force, the HCM Group is working to create new value in order to achieve Our Vision.


We are active in the evolution of “machinery” and the synergy between “human” and “business” that combines to create rich living spaces, making them more comfortable, highly developed and efficient.

The above statement defines the rationale for our existence as well as our identity in society. Our activities to protect the environment, improve social capital, and enrich our living spaces will continue as long as human society exists. Construction machinery is expected to develop in other directions, going beyond the confines set by the framework of the civil and architectural engineering.

We of Hitachi Construction Machinery commit ourselves, with pride and pleasure in our work, to serve our customers and enhance customer satisfaction by making their work more congenial and efficient with improved “Technology” and “Systems”.


We consistently develop and provide our customers with the technology, products and services that generate new value.

The above statement defines our professional attitude toward our business. It is our belief that a manufacturer’s role is to provide the customers with “new values.” In order to create such new values, the traditional approach of improving and upgrading a company’s products and services on the basis of market information is not enough. We need to persevere, through trial and error, in the exploration for “new values” which are rooted in the practical needs of the customer. For this reason, we endeavor to identify and foster our creativity in every aspect of our corporate activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

While maintaining profitable operations, we act as a “corporate citizen having good judgment” by staying in harmony with the environment and participating in cultural activities, striving for a symbiotic coexistence with society.

This statement reflects our attitude towards social accountability as a corporation. Although a corporation is a citizen of the society to which it belongs, it cannot survive if it is unable to earn an adequate income. At the same time, it will lose the base of its existence if its fails to be properly recognized as a responsible citizen by society at large. We believe that in order for Hitachi Construction Machinery to have a prosperous future, we must be able to successfully coexist with society, remaining in contact with not only our customers but with society as a whole including the shareholders, industry, affiliate companies, and local citizens. This contact must be maintained with sensitivity and integrity.

What is the Kenkijin Spirit?

In pursuing our vision and principles, it is important to achieve the goals of the HCM Group’s medium- to long-term vision and mid-term management plan while responding to the demands of society in areas such as compliance and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The actions of each individual employee are the driving force behind these efforts. If these actions are in line with shared values and guiding principles, we can pursue our goals while making the most of each employee’s ideas and initiatives. The Kenkijin Spirit codifies the shared values and code of conduct to portray the attitude of an employee of the HCM Group, i.e., Kenkijin.

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