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About the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group

Our Goals

Construction machinery is truly indispensable for the construction of social infrastructure and development of industries. Our creation of construction machinery that deliver high quality, performance and reliability plays a key role in society’s development. Under its shared global vision, the HCM Group is working on value creation to maximize business value together with environmental and social value for everyone who is part of the society we aim to achieve.

The HCM Group’s Philosophy

Our corporate vision embodies the HCM Group’s vision for success. To achieve this, we have established the corporate statement “Reliable solutions” and the “Kenkijin Spirit,” which codifies the shared values and code of conduct for HCM Group employees.The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Codes of Conduct forms the foundation for all of these. The code contains guidelines that the HCM Group must abide by as a good corporate citizen, able to quickly and correctly identify the needs of society which are constantly changing.

Main Products and Services

The HCM Group offers a truly broad range of products and services, from construction machinery with world leading performance and quality to services supporting customers’ businesses. Through our products and services we are helping to achieve a sustainable society.

Main Products and Services

Sales revenue by region

Sales revenue by region

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