Hitachi Construction Machinery


Consumer Issues

Information Security and Protection of Personal Information

Risk management for information security is a priority management issue for companies and organizations. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is engaging in a number of undertakings to boost awareness of information security and personal information protection among its employees.

Quality Control

We at the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group aim to standardize and improve the level of quality we achieve throughout the entire group to ensure an identical level of quality worldwide. We have dubbed this quality Made by Hitachi. In accordance with this concept, we pursue the manufacturing of products that can be safely used by customers in any country around the world.

Improvement of customer satisfaction

It is essential to factor in the voice of customers (VoC) into products, parts, and services to improve customer satisfaction and respond to diversifying customer needs at construction sites. At the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, we are constantly exploring for new value that stem from the needs of construction sites.

Universal Design

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is engaging in universal design with the goal of manufacturing machinery that can be operated relatively easily and without a burden on the operator. We contribute to safety at construction sites by improving the operability of our machinery so that anyone will feel comfortable handling it and preventing erroneous operations.

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