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Human Resources Development

Policies on human resources development

Human resources development continues to be a crucial theme for management, even in this day and age where globalization has become commonplace. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group aims to provide training to its human resources on the job and through various educational opportunities.

Our group businesses plan to make further headway with globalization as we move toward 2020 and 2030. The first step is to achieve our 2020 Vision, as the deadline will soon be upon us. This vision calls for us to be a “close and reliable partner anywhere on the earth with best solutions through Kenkijin Spirit.” To this end, we plan to increase educational opportunities to train our global human resources. We also aim to delegate authority to local human resources based on our policy to provide employees with the skills to achieve the goals in our mid-term management plans. At the same time, we also look to strengthen local governance.

Training structure

Under the supervision of the Corporate Education Promotion Committee, each Education Promotion Committee individually established for Sales, the Tsuchiura Works, Life Cycle Support and Corporate undertakes educational measures, with the head of each department acting as committee chair. In addition, support is provided to educate employees at Group companies through their respective departments.

kyoikutaiseieTraining structure diagram

Training system

Our educational system includes hierarchal and functional education courses as well as selective and optional training courses.

Hierarchical education is to master the capabilities and mindset required for each job level from newly hired employees to management. The Career Development Center provides this training to all employees requiring this training. Functional education is for mastering the functional capabilities required for development, production, sales, and service respectively.

The various training programs are conducted at various facilities, including the Kasumigaura Institute and the Technical Training Center. The Kasumigaura Institute and Technical Training Center are equipped with classrooms, practice areas and machineries for skills training and accommodation facilities (Kasumigaura Institute only). An extensive range of training from skills training for new employees to management training for executives is offered. Trainees from overseas are also accepted.

We have introduced e-learning because it makes it possible to acquire knowledge needed for group training and review curriculum after training. Starting from the middle of fiscal 2015, Hitachi Construction Machinery began employing the Hitachi Group’s Learning Management System (LMS). We are now gradually making this system available to group companies in Japan (started fiscal 2018) and abroad.

The system allows the head of a department to design a training plan for their subordinates and consider which programs the employee should take. This will enable more individualized training which focuses on key areas. We believe this will improve the motivation of each employee and facilitate the execution of a more accurate training program.

We aim to foster our human resources who will act based on the same values as Kenkijin. We hope that these Kenkijin all over the world will contribute to our customer’s management as reliable partners by offering proposals and services that stay one step ahead.

Kasumigaura Institute
Kasumigaura Institute

Starting in 2013, we began implementing the Marketing Sales Support Program (MSSP) at dealers in all regions. The aim of this program is to strengthen the skills of dealers who handle sales and services in the frontlines. In regard to service skill as well, we began using Hi-TEP (Hitachi Construction Machinery Technical Education Program) in 2013 as a comprehensive educational system for training service staff for each of our distributors in regional areas, providing certification as well as instructor certification and training.

Training System

Data on human resource development

FY2017 FY2018
Training time (hours) per employee 43.1 41.2
Average amount invested in training per employee 109,000 yen 97,000 yen

Hitachi Construction Machinery (non-consolidated basis)
Including training using LMS.

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