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Developing diversity

Policies and systems for promoting diversity

In 2010, Hitachi Construction Machinery formulated the 2020 VISION. The vision outlines the goal of achieving an ideal organization in 2020 whereby HCM and its employees are a ‘close and reliable partner’ anywhere on the earth with best solutions through Kenkijin Spirit. It is essential that we develop businesses by drawing on new strategies and novel ideas, rather than relying on the same ideas and strategies employed thus far, so that we can fulfill our vision, become recognized internationally as a true global company, and be a successful contender in the market.

To this end, we value respect for diversity and recognize the values and uniqueness of each of the employees that supports our businesses, regardless of race, nationality, gender, age or other characteristics. In line with this recognition, we have positioned diversity as one of our key management themes. In April 2011, we established the Diversity Promotion Group. The group has undertaken measures to find solutions for five themes for the promotion of diversity in the HCM Group—Building a foundation for diversity, work style reforms (work, life, and management), supporting the participation of women and minorities, supporting the activities of national staff, and globalization of HCM in Japan. From FY2016, these activities have been taken over by and are continuing to be implemented by the Human Resources Department. In addition, the importance of respecting biodiversity is conveyed to employees through various rank-specific training and other venues. And the verification of the planning and progress of these activities is being handled by the CSR/Diversity Committee. Through this and other actions, HCM is promoting and instilling diversity groupwide.

《 Supporting women’s participation and advancement 》 Formulation of action plans to promote women’s participation and advancement

On April 1, 2016 the “Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” that requires large companies and others to create action plans with numerical target for women’s active participation. As part of this, HCM has established action plans for promotion of women’s participation and advancement in the workplace. The action plan contains three goals: Enhance employee motivation by leveraging worker capabilities and expanding the spectrum of opportunities they have, promote a flexible and highly productive work style, and foster a corporate culture that is accepting of diversity. We also plan to undertake other measures including improving the quality of target management interviews, introducing and encouraging employees to take advantage of various systems, including going on leave, and reinforcing management training for management-level employees.

The percentage of female workers within HCM’s (non-consolidated basis) overall workforce is small. For this reason, we are working to increase the number of female employees, which includes hosting employment seminars specifically for women and handing out pamphlets in order to promote the more active hiring of women. We are also developing a workplace environment where a diverse workforce that includes women can maintain a strong sense of motivation and continue working while balancing their home and professional lives. Through this, we are also supporting the greater retention and participation of female employees.

《 Work style reform 》 Initiatives for Work Style Reform

The HCM Group complies with laws and regulations related to working hours applied in each region, takes into consideration work-life balance, and makes efforts to curb overworking.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (non-consolidated basis) has established targets to keep overtime work of indirect workers to less than 15 hours per month on average and to ensure that all employees take at least 17 days of annual paid leave every year, by fiscal 2020.

Work style reforms tend to focus on prolonged working hours, but these reforms must also be implemented from the perspective of developing an environment where workers can do their job efficiently while ensuring their health.

The HCM Group is working to create a comfortable and dynamic work environment that further utilizes human resources with various values, while ensuring that each and every employee can use their limited time to the maximum effect. In a message from top management released in January 2018 entitled “Launch of Work Style Reforms,” President declared HCM will review conventional work styles together with employees and create a healthy and dynamic work environment conducive to the growth of individual employees and the company.

Specific measures include promoting work style reforms through the use of IT tools and the introduction of novel technologies such as Robotic Process Automation where burdensome processes are automated using robots. In addition, we will continue to promote improvements in the employment environment and carry out reviews of office layout and introduction of a free-address system, along with trial introduction of teleworking (working from home or a satellite office) to achieve more flexible work styles.

Poster on work style reform

《 Supporting the activities of national staff 》 Accelerating the participation of human resources from overseas

Various departments in the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group accept employees from overseas Group companies. This initiative was fully launched in 1996, and approximately 240 people have worked in Japan up to now. By proactively taking in diverse overseas personnel and expanding their opportunities we aim to improve the performance of the organization.

《 Globalization of HCM in Japan 》 Promotion of personnel exchange with the Hitachi Group

The Hitachi Group’s “Team Sunrise(formerly: Global Wakate-kai: Hitachi Global Young Spirit Members)”conducts activities centered around young employees, including holding various study sessions and opinion exchange sessions with global as the keyword, in order to deepen understanding of the world’s cultures, including Japan, and to develop the perspective necessary to create new global values globally. The young employees of the HCM Group also participate in this membership, across the Group boundaries, in order to form English, Chinese, and Japanese speech clubs both internally and externally, contributing to the creation of “One Hitachi” through personnel exchanges. This initiative has received such positive feedback that it was voted among the “Big5” top entries in the idea contest held under “Make a Difference!”, a Hitachi, Ltd. employee revitalization project.

The HCM Group encourages these kinds of self-initiated activities that lead to cultivation of personnel that can understand diverse cultures and values and work globally, and we are working towards the promotion of diversity.

encsr047_p01Representative members, including young HCM Group employees, take a picture alongside Hitachi, Ltd. President Higashihara (third from left) (“Big 5” awards ceremony)

《 Supporting the activities of minorities 》 Initiative to promote the employment of people with disabilities

As of June 1, 2018, the ratio of people with disabilities working at Hitachi Construction Machinery in Japan was 2.42% of total headcount. This exceeds the ratio designated by law (2.2%).


Holding a cross-cultural experience booth at the “Hitachi Construction Machinery Festival”

On November 12, 2017, the 13th Hitachi Construction Machinery Festival was held at Tsuchiura Works. The event included a corner for cross-cultural experiences. Trainees of the human resources development program from China, India, and Indonesia took charge of the corner, with the help of Japanese employees acting as support staff. Visitors took part in a number of cross-cultural experiences, including trying on traditional garments and participating in quizzes that introduced various countries. The trainees interacted with local residents and the families of employees. In future we will plan on expanding the circle of trainees from overseas to create a corporate culture that is mutually accepting of diverse cultures and values.

The entire festival had an attendance of approximately 6,000 people, making the event a great success.

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