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Export control policies

As stipulated in the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Codes of Conduct (Chapter 2, Sincere and Fair Business Activities, 2.1 Fair Trading), we shall comply with laws and regulations related to imports and exports, and widely contribute to sustaining international peace and safety through the implementation of export controls.

arw_r Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Codes of Conduct

Export control system

We established the Corporate Export Regulation Division, which is directly under the supervision of the president of Hitachi Construction Machinery, under this division, we also established Security Trade Control Dept. to comply with export control laws and regulations. We are implementing the management and oversight of export control items under the leadership of this division. In addition, the division conducts training and offers guidance to domestic and overseas group companies involved in exporting.

Export control training for employees

The liaison office of the Corporate Export Regulation Division conducts export control training twice a year for employees working at the head office and plants. In addition, general rank-specific training for newly-hired employees, newly-appointed managers and assistant managers also included training on export control.

The liaison office of the Corporate Export Regulation Division also provides the same training to employees at group companies.

In FY2018, we conducted training for employees at the headquarters and factories twice, training by rank and training for group companies, and a total of 36 export control training courses. In addition, we conducted five courses for IT departments, ten Classification courses and educational courses for practitioners by inviting outside lecturers.
For overseas group companies, we provide educational materials (Export Control (Basic course) ) by e-learning to group companies.

In FY2019, the training schedule is changed to take place biannually, and the Export Control Education Basic Course and the Classification Course as well as each training continue to take place. In addition, we enhance education for sales departments and provide various e-learning materials to domestic and overseas group companies.

Export control auditing

Export control related departments at the head office and plants undergo audits by the liaison office of the Corporate Export Regulation Division once a year. Operational audits conducted by the audit offices at domestic and overseas group company also include items related to export control. Accompany as necessary to do the audit.

Domestic and overseas group companies are undergoing in-house audits by their own Corporate Export Regulation Division liaison offices.

We conducted audits related to export control at two domestic and six overseas group companies in FY2018.

Going forward, we plan to conduct proper export practices by continuing to carry out audits, mainly by the liaison office of the Corporate Export Regulation Division.

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