Hitachi Construction Machinery


Fair business practices

Fair competition and business transactions

We established a Procurement Policy and Guidelines for Procurement Activities for the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group to openly disclose our basic concepts on procurement. In addition, we are pouring energies into employee legal compliance training and the auditing of our business transactions to fully ensure that our business practices are fair and sound.

Dialogue with Suppliers

Various suppliers support the production activities of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group. We are building positive relationships, and sharing our vision and policies with suppliers to widen our circle of responsible companies.

Protecting Intellectual Properties

An intellectual property is an invention or outcome resulting from the creative process while intellectual property rights give a creator or inventor exclusive rights to the intellectual property for a specific length of time. At the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, we aim to prevent in advance the infringement of intellectual property rights by emphasizing intellectual property right activities in our business operations.

Export control

High-performance industrial products is an area of expertise for Japanese companies. When these products are exported, there is always the risk that they will be used for military purposes, which is not in line with the intent of the company that developed the product. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group aims to widely contribute to sustaining peace and safety internationally by conducting proper export control that complies with related laws and regulations.

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