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Occupational Safety and Health

Basic stance and promotion system

We are promoting various health and safety activities that are derived from our basic stance of giving the highest priority to protecting the safety and health of employees.

The Occupational Health and Safety Promotion Committee is held every year. The committee undertakes various initiatives, including sharing information on work-related accidents with group companies, issue reports on activities, and create health and safety plans.

In addition, the committee sets up subcommittees, trains employees to be in charge of promotion occupational safety and health activities, conducts technical reviews and mutual inspection tours. The committee also assists in the establishment of management systems at each Hitachi Construction Machinery Group companies and for acquisition of OHSAS18001* certification.

*OHSAS18001: International standard for establishing and operating occupational safety and health management systems

Basic policies and key measures in FY2017

Basic policies

We aim to reduce risks that exist in the work place by having all of our employees thoroughly practice safety first, and by actively promoting safety and health activities based on our occupational safety and health management system. We also look to promote mental health care. We aim to do this by establishing an energetic workplace environment where employees feel comfortable and safe to work, in part by carrying out invigorating communication.

Key measures

  • Prevent work-related accidents
  • Establish a culture of occupational safety
  • Strengthen comprehensive industrial health programs by promoting health management
  • Further improve mental healthcare measures
  • Comply with and strictly enforce laws and regulations related to occupational safety and health
  • Prevent automobile accidents by boosting awareness of traffic safety and keeping in compliance with traffic regulations

Establishment of an occupational safety and health system and corresponding activities

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is promoting and supporting the establishment of safety and health management systems, as well as activities aimed at acquiring OHSAS18001 certification at all its domestic and overseas group companies.

In FY2014, the scope of certification, including certification within the group*, was expanded to all domestic group manufacturing companies. The occupational safety and health management system is an important mechanism for preventing occupational accidents by identifying the source of danger through risk assessment. It is our goal to further strengthen the foundation of our business by implementing effective risk control. We are also embarking on measures ahead of the adoption of a new international standard, ISO 45001.

*Certification within the group: OHSAS 18001 certification is acquired after screening and evaluation by a certification body. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group’s internal certification is performed by certifiers dispatched by Hitachi Construction Machinery headquarters to conduct screening and evaluations. The content of measures up to the building of the OHSAS 18001 system is the same as that conducted by the certification body.

Establishing a culture of occupational safety

We believe that the fundamental basis for safety and health activities is to genuinely promote occupational safety and health training and conduct field inspections.

We are implementing safety training, mainly for leaders that are in the position of offering guidance to protect inexperienced employees from work-related injuries and accidents. We are also promoting training for employees at our manufacturing sites as well as employees dealing with indirect operations. This simulation-based training enables employees to understand the importance of being able to predict danger.

In FY2017, we aim to fortify activities for the purpose of ongoing maintenance and management of work-related injury measures so as to not repeat similar accidents in the future.

Incidence of work-related accidents

In FY2016, the incidence of work-related accidents improved globally but some regions require further improvement. In Japan the number of work-related accidents in sales and services divisions did not decline from the previous year. Accordingly, an urgent issue for us is to drastically improve occupational health and safety awareness.

In FY2017, we aim to reinforce operational safety through further heightening of safety awareness, compliance with basic rules, and the implementation of correct operational procedures. We also plan to pour energies into the elimination of potential work-related injuries by actively promoting risk assessment. Moreover, we aim to further reduce work-related injuries through the routine implementation of global occupational health and safety surveillance activities.

Initiatives to prevent work-related injuries―Safety and health presentations

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group shares the achievements of the safety and health activities carried out by Hitachi Construction Machinery and its domestic group companies. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Safety and Health presentation is held once a year for the purpose of utilizing the activities conducted by the group.

In July of FY2016, we held a presentation, which including innovative safety activities at domestic group business sites and research results on alleviating workload.

Health management initiatives

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group newly recognized the importance of creating a company that embodies health and vitality. We are implementing health management, including the prevention of an excessive workload, establishment of work-life balance through reforms to working styles, dietary improvements, and exercise.

The health of each employee is an important theme of the company as it directly correlates to personnel training and the improvement of productivity. We plan to work more closely with the Hitachi Health Insurance Society and other organization and cooperate with various departments to contribute to a longer healthy life expectancy for its employees.

In FY2016, we achieved an indoor no-smoking policy at all HCM production sites, as a step toward preventing exposure to second-hand smoke. Going forward we plan to take on other measures to further prevent exposure to second-hand smoke and to reduce the number of smokers in the Group.

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