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Quality Control

Quality assurance — concept and system

Since our inception, Hitachi Construction Machinery has maintained a customer-first quality assurance system grounded in the legendary “Ochibo Hiroi” (gleanings) concept* of Hitachi, Ltd.

In September 1995, we obtained ISO 9001 certification, and established the quality policies and quality managements system for the Tsuchiura Works. We also established the Corporate Quality Assurance Division as the managing organization to promote quality assurance for the entire Hitachi Construction Machinery Group. In addition, the Quality Assurance Center at the Tsuchiura Works, our mother factory, strengthen our quality assurance system for the group as a whole by sharing essential information with, providing guidance to, building awareness among the quality assurance divisions of each Group company.

In April 2016, we launched the Global Quality Assurance Group. This group reinforced our support system for standardizing quality assurance operations at overseas group companies.

The Corporate Quality Assurance Division oversees quality assurance operations at all of the Group’s companies in Japan and overseas. By doing so, we are able to standardize and raise the Group’s overall level of quality to achieve “Made by Hitachi” uniform global quality.

The quality assurance departments of each group company collect comments and requests from customers and sales & service personnel as well as information about problems with products. This information is then consolidated at the Corporate Quality Assurance Division.

This information is reported at monthly product improvement meetings, which are attended by the president, and after investigation of the underlying cause of a particular problem, countermeasures are taken to prevent any recurrences of the problem in not only the product in question but all other similar products as well.

*Taken after the Japanese name of the painting by Jean-Francois Millet entitled The Gleaners. To Hitachi this means fully learn from each and every past mistake to prevent a reoccurrence of accidents and defects that happened in the past.

Employee training on quality control

We implement various types of employee training with the goal of standardizing the level of quality assurance at group companies around the world.

We offer training to pass on the HCM spirit and company stance on manufacturing. This include lectures to obtain general knowledge on quality control, quality control lectures (beginning and intermediate), reliable engineering lectures, PS & PL lectures and a global quality assurance technician training program, which takes in overseas trainees and teaches them the quality control procedures used by Tsuchiura Works. In addition, we send diagnosticians from Tsuchiura Works to each of our group companies to conduct a Global Monozukuri Diagnosis of each company’s quality assurance system. We also provide training through narration lectures delivered by skilled technicians who discuss their own experiences with failure.

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