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Improvement of customer satisfaction

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys

Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan conducts a customer satisfaction survey for customers in Japan in order to reflect the voice of customers in products, parts and services.

The survey is conducted by email targeting customers registered to use Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan’s points program called RSS Points.

In FY 2018 we devised improvements to our examination methods that we hope will not only improve satisfaction levels towards Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan, but also increase recommendations. We want this to lead to further improvements in level of customer satisfaction. Based on the results of the survey, which we conducted from May 2018 and received approximately 1,500 responses, in FY 2019 we have been implementing various improvement activities at each site. It is reflected in sales activities and improvement of products, parts and services. In FY 2020, we plan to extend the survey to customers other than those who have registered for the point program, and gather more opinion to improve it.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group will continue to strive to reflect the honest opinion of customers and further improve customer satisfaction.

Ensuring a common quality level throughout the world with “Made by Hitachi” as the key word

Our keyword is “Made by Hitachi.” In accordance with this, we are implementing various measures to ensure that the HCM Group maintains a uniform level of global quality to continually supply products that satisfy customers.

The Global Monozukuri Diagnosis is one quality assurance step we take at our production sites around the world. We launched this activity, originally called the Global Quality Diagnosis, in FY2005 with the goal of improving quality at each production site. Since then, we have made repeated revisions to our diagnostic sheet. We now not only evaluate quality, but also safety, quality, delivery and cost (SQDC). We have been carrying out the Global Monozukuri Diagnosis since FY2014. In accordance with the diagnostic sheet for each production process, including welding and machining, an evaluation of each item is carried out by check operations and products at the production site. We take action when there are items that require improvements. Continuing to carry out this activity will help us to achieve Made by Hitachi, a standard for uniform global quality.

The training of human resources with superior manufacturing skills is also essential. From FY 2008, we have been implementing training to nurture Production Engineers. Production Engineers come from production sites in Japan and overseas and are taken in by HCM. They undergo a three-year program that includes a variety of training, mainly carried out at Tsuchiura Works. The Production Engineers take back the technology and know-how they learned in the training to carry out HCM monozukuri at their respective production sites.

On a more global level, we implement the International Skills Competition and companywide small group activity presentations. The International Skills Competition is comprised of eight areas of competition—welding, painting, measuring, assembly, transportation, processing, robot welding, and facilities maintenance. The competition has been held since FY 2000. Technicians come from production sites in Japan and abroad to compete.

In 2019, the 16th International Skills Competition (Welding Division) was held at Tata Hitachi’s Darwad Plant in Karnataka, India, for three days from October 15th to 17th. This is the third time this competition has been held outside Japan. The 4th in 2007 was held in Hitachi Construction Machinery (China), and the 10th in 2013 was held in Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia. This time, a total of 19 people from India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Netherlands, Russia, and Australia participated in the competiton held at skill training center which is constructed in the factory in March 2019, and competed for the results of daily practice.

The competitions other than the welding division were planned to be held over three days from November 5th to 7th, but typhoon No.19 that occurred in October caused a lot of damage throughout Japan. With regard to Hitachi Construction Machinery, there were suppliers whose plant operations were suspended due to water damage, and the production of Tsuchiura Works and other domestic factories were severely affected by that. Due to the emergency situation at each factory in Japan, the international skill competition (domestic competition in Japan) and the All HCM small group activity convention were canceled.

We will continue to pursue manufacturing that makes it possible to meet safety and quality standards of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group and for customers in any country to use the products with peace of mind.

Welding undergoing a “Global Monozukuri Diagnosis”

Strengthening service support

At the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, we hold the Service Technician Competition in order to increase the service skills of mechanics who directly work on customers’ machinery.

In FY 2019, 9 representatives from 9 regions gathered at the Technical Training Center to compete in the knowledge, technical skills and customer service skill related to machine maintenance. As a result of competition by four items of “knowledge test”, “practical test”, “measurement test”, “reporting test”, two service personnel from Oceania region representative CablePrice (New Zealand agency) and Southeast Asia region representative PT Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk (Indonesian agency) won the MVS (Most Valuable Service) award.

The HCM Group continues to improve the service and technical prowess of its dealers.

Commemorative photo of all related parties

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