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Information Security and Protection of Personal Information

Basic policies on information security

We are conducting a variety of training, taught by employees from the IT Promotion Division and supervised by the Career Development Center which manages in-house training, to improve employee literacy on information security and the protection of personal information. Furthermore, when necessary, we hold presentations sponsored by the IT Division on security measures, implement training and e-learning.
In addition to preparing training materials for all employees, we also provide rank-specific contents, including materials for newly-hired employees and temporary employees. We conduct training once or twice a year.

We implemented the following training in FY2016.

・Training for newly-hired employees
・Simulation training on targeted e-mail attacks for all employees
・Information security e-learning for all employees
・Presentations for information assets managers

In FY2017 and beyond, we plan to expand our e-learning materials in response to requests from employees and also look to continue the implementation of our various training programs.

Occurrence of major accidents related to information security

In FY2016, there were no major accidents related to information security and the protection of personal information.
In the event that a major accident occurs where confidential information or customer information is leaked, we are fully prepared to report any incidents to the information security management division within 24 hours after an accident occurs.

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