Hitachi Construction Machinery



Reducing Energy Used in Transport

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is committed to energy conservation for the transport of its products and components etc.

In order to improve work efficiency and reduce logistics costs, we did away with external warehouses near Hitachinaka Port to develop activities such as optimization of the export port and inbound goods locations, and energy saving in machinery operation. In FY 2019, the entire HCM Group achieved an approx. 56% reduction in transport-based CO2 per unit sold.

In June 2020, we started joint use of containers for import and export with the LIXIL Corporation, contributing to greater efficiency, further reduction of CO² emissions, and reduction of transportation costs through container round use initiatives.

Total Scope: Main Domestic and Overseas Production Bases for Consolidation

In order for the HCM Group to ensure the reliability of the data, we implement third-party evaluation regarding CO2 emissions during transport. In FY2019, we received limited assurance for Scope 3 Category 4 upstream transportation and distribution.

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