Hitachi Construction Machinery


Environmental Control Organization

In 1991 HCM Group established the Environment Policy Division as a cross-group organization with the aim of promoting systematic environmental conservation activities across the entire group. With the Environment Policy Division at the center of our environmental management structure, we are strengthening the connections of the environmental conservation activities at HCM Group, driving to tailor activities even more appropriately.

In April 2019, former Environment Policy Division and the former CSR Promotion Department were integrated to form the “Sustainability Promotion Division”, an organization under the direct control of the company president.

With respect to environmental management, our system is centered around the newly established Sustainability Promotion Division, which comprehensively manages and promotes environment, social and governance matters for the entire Group as well as discloses information as appropriate. The Sustainability Promotion Committee, which meets biannually, is comprised of members including the president and executive officers. It carries out deliberations and approvals on ESG matters related to management decisions, including our response to climate change.

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