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Development and Expansion of Environmentally Conscious Products

In order to make the environmental burden from our products and services as light as possible, from FY 1999 HCM Group has introduced and promoted evaluation using the “DfE assessment” tool, which at the development and design stage uses specific contents to consider the environmental impact. Furthermore, since FY 2016, the Group has engaged in Eco Design initiatives, in which – categorized as strategic initiatives and basic initiatives – products and services with high environmental value are developed and popularized. After evaluation based on the new “Environmentally Conscious Design Assessments” and “LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)”, products that meet criteria are certified as “Environmentally Conscious  Products”,  and the Group works toward the goal of increasing the ratio of Environmentally Conscious  Products sales to total product sales.

Environmentally Conscious Products

The HCM Group continues to promote product development which considers the environment from the product design stage onward.

The DfE assessment tool, which at the development and design stage uses specific contents to consider the environmental impact of all new products, had been implemented since the year 2000. Based on the global IEC62430 standard, the new Environmentally Conscious Design Assessments have been further increasing the environmental-consciousness of products since its implementation began in FY 2016. Information regarding products which conform to these environmental standards is continually provided to customers via the Group’s website, catalogs, and other media.

This assessment also evaluates environmental impact over a product’s life cycle, and quantitatively calculates the amount of water, fuel, and materials required based on the amount of energy use related to materials, production, shipping, product use, disposal, and CO2 emissions.

Number of products registered for Environmentally Conscious Products

In 2019, we implemented the “Environmentally Conscious Design Assessments” for 13 types of machines, and the number of registered  Environmentally Conscious Products from the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group have been 250 registered in total.

Proportion of sales from Environmentally Conscious Products

HCM Group promotes initiatives for environmentally conscious product development. Most major models are environmentally conscious products. Under the Environmental Action Plan, HCM Group strives to increase the ratio of sales of environmentally conscious products to total product sales (excluding some services, second-hand equipment, and software).   In last  year, HCM Group achieved a over 98% sales ratio of environmentally conscious products, and we are keeping this level in FY 2019.

Total Range : Hitachi Construction Machinery  Group

Percentage of sales for all Environmentally Conscious Products 98.2%

Product Upgrade Function

The HCM Group developed the ICT hydraulic excavator which forms the core of our computerized construction solutions, and launched it to the market on November 2016.
This product comes equipped with the HCM Group’s unique machine control function, and the machine guidance function which allows the operator to navigate in a user-friendly manner. This allows efficient excavation without the fear of over-digging the target construction surface, by means of semi-automatically controlling the front work in real-time while comparing 3D data of the machine’s location and position, calculated via satellite positioning systems using GPS and GNSS*, as well as front and body angle sensors, to 3D design data of the construction target. With this product, the fixed-stake measurement which has been carried out until now at construction sites is no longer necessary, the burden of measurement tasks is reduced, and accompanying the ability to successfully shrink the construction period to a great degree, it also contributes to improving the safety and productivity of the construction site.
Furthermore, this product also makes available 2D specifications, so that on small-scale jobs, and on construction sites where you cannot pin down the positioning satellite, the 2D machine control and machine guidance will significantly raise site-work productivity. And as you can, on top of that, easily upgrade from 2D specifications to 3D specifications, it can meet the requirements of a wide and varied array of work sites.

*GNSS : Global Navigation Satellite System

Repair/Restoration Services (Parts Remanufacturing Business)

Construction machinery is often used in severe working environments, making parts replacement and repairs a necessity. HCM began recycling construction machinery service parts in 1998. The used parts replaced during machinery repair are recovered, and are restored to a functionality that is equivalent to new parts at the recycling plant. These parts are provided to customers with a quality guarantee and at a reasonable price.
This initiative is to answer the needs of customers who wish to reduce the running cost of construction machinery, while at the same time, contributing to the global environment through an effective use of resources.Recycling by HCM is carried out on a global scale in 11 countries: Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Zambia, Canada, and the US.
Aiming to recycle resources, HCM Group is promoting the development of product recycling technology, and the reuse and recycling of used products.

Total Range : Hitachi Construction Machinery Group

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