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Environmental Activity Evaluation System and Corporate Award Program

Environmental Activity Evaluation System

Evaluation of Environmental Conservation Activities through GREEN21-2018

The HCM Group quantitatively evaluates its environmental activities, and has adopted the ‘GREEN21’ rating indicator shared across the Hitachi Group for continuous improvement and raising the level of activities.
Evaluations using the new “GREEN21-2018” index are being performed with the goal of ascertaining the degree of achievement under the Environmental Action Plan in the three years from FY 2016, and improving the management level. Under GREEN21-2018, environmental conservation initiatives are evaluated using “Green Points” (GP) on the basis of the six criteria in the table below.

HCM Group achieved a result of 512 GP for FY 2018, surpassing the target of 480. The evaluation for each category is shown in the table below.We achieved targets of each category except “Collaboration with stakeholders”. Green points of “Ecosystem Conservation” espacially increased. We are aiming at an overall improvement in low-scoring categories by – following factorial analysis – particularly strengthening management.

Category Description
1. Management Environmental monitoring, compliance strengthening, adherence to laws and ordinances, environmental education
2. Products & Services Promotion of Eco Design through improvement of environmental performance etc.
3. Prevention of Global Warming Energy (CO2) reduction, energy saving, introduction of renewable energy
4. Resource Circulation, Chemical Substances Reduction of waste matter generated and water used, recycling, chemical substances management
5. Ecosystem Conservation Business initiatives and community contribution considering biodiversity, improving employee understanding
6. Collaboration with stakeholders Community contribution including environmental education, information disclosure, ecosystem conservation, cleanups, etc.

HCM Group Green Points

HCM Group Green Points

Total Range: Domestic and Overseas Primary Production Bases for Consolidation

2016 2017 2018
Target Points Over 240 GP Over 360 GP Over 480 GP
Result 267 GP 387 GP 512 GP

Environmental Activity Corporate Award Program

In order to bring vitality to environmental activities and share leading-edge examples throughout the Hitachi Group, we have established the Corporate Award Program, including the ‘Technology Prize’, the ‘Work Innovation Prize’, etc., to recognize environmentally conscious products and technologies and environmental activities. Furthermore, production facilities are being recognized for initiatives which achieve remarkable energy savings and waste/chemical substance reductions contributing to climate change measures and resource recycling, and the effects, innovative spirit, and continuity etc. regarding initiatives and work contributing to environmental conservation, environmental footprint reduction, and streamlining of environmental work also receive all-round praise and recognition.

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