Hitachi Construction Machinery


1H FY2013 Environmental Committee's Manufacturing Subcommittee Meeting

On July 1, Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Environmental Committee held its 1H FY2013 Manufacturing Subcommittee meeting. A total of 14 environmental site managers from Hitachi Construction Machinery and group manufacturing companies attended the subcommittee meeting.

At the subcommittee meeting, site managers reported on results and gave evaluations of the FY2012 Environmental Action Plan and presented plans for carrying out environmental protection activities further out. The discussion was brisk and included reports by each group company on activities and results in FY2012 and also on issues currently being faced.

Managers also reported on the revamped website, which aims to visibly communicate the environmental brand and environmental impact data to outside parties, and the intranet, which discloses to employees the environmental performance data and various meeting materials, and serves as an internal environmental impact database. These sites will be used for groupwide PR and information disclosure.

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