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2011 Forest Industry Exhibition

The Exhibition and Demonstration of Machinery for Forests, Forestry and Environment 2011 was held over two days on November 27th and November 28th as an event associated with the tree planting ceremony (a tree is planted by the emperor, and then nurtured by the empress several years later) held in Nara Prefecture.

This year, the event was held in the mountainous area of Gojo, where heavy rain was forecasted. However, roughly 8,000 people participated over two days as the event had found its way back to the Kansai area after a long absence. More than 1,380 people visited our site, which approached our record number of visitors last year at the forest industry exhibition held in Takasaki last year.

An exhibition supporting the needs of a wide-range of customers was accomplished by working with attachment manufacturers in addition to exhibiting products from the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group including Hitachi Construction Machinery REC, Hitachi Construction machinery Tierra, and TCM. Furthermore, the twin arm machine (ASTACO) seen by many on television was also exhibited for reference and played a vital role in gathering a crowd.

The carbon offset used for events was also utilized as part of the Wood Products Use Campaign*, which controlled CO2 emissions and strived to enlighten visitors about the Wood Products Use Campaign through a panel exhibition.

In the future, the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group will continue to work to promote environmental preservation activities while helping to expand sustainable forest industry management, which is attractive to the younger generation, through forest industry machines.

(Wood Products Campaign *)
The reduction of CO2 by improving forests in Japan plays a vital role in achieving the CO2reduction goals that Japan promised to the world in the Kyoto Protocol. This campaign was formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in an effort to improve forests with the aim of expanding the use of Japanese lumber.

01 (3)

Nara forest industry exhibition in Gojo

02 (3)

Hitachi Construction Machinery site

03 (3)

High-performance forestry machine

04 (2)

Large group gathered for the ASTACO demonstration

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