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About the environmental information magazine The Earth

Why not think about the earth with us?

Global warming is attracting attention. Hitachi Construction Machinery publishes a magazine called The Earth, which reports information about the environment, as a trial towards establishing a collaborative society; a new approach in the prevention of global warming. The magazine, established in August 2007, includes various articles on topics such as research by experts, and policies and actions taken by local governments to solve problems related to the global environment. Environmental information featured in recent issues of the magazine has been particularly well received. The latest issue (Issue no.10, published January 2010), reports on an interview with Soichi Noguchi, an astronaut currently working in the International Space Station. In the previous issue, Mr. Noguchi talked about research and the experiments he would perform in the Japanese experiment module named “Kibo”, and his state of mind before the space flight. The latest issue also features an interesting interview of Mr. Noguchi in which he talks about problems related to staying in space for long periods of time, and advice on how to preserve the earth.


The Earth, Issue no.10

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