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Aggregated sales of 100 machines included in the carbon offset campaign

Hitachi Construction Machinery launched a carbon-offset campaign in October 2008. (Note 1) In January the aggregated sales of machines included in the carbon offset campaign reached one hundred units.

The customer who purchased the 100th machine was the Ikegawa Forestry Business Association in Kochi Prefecture. The association not only produces a wide range of wooden products using thinned wood they also draw up thinning plans and carry out large-scale thinning projects. The association is looking for a means of ensuring sustainable forestry by investigating how improving forests and rivers effects the ecosystem.

As an expression of gratitude, Hitachi Construction Machinery presented the association with a plaque made of Japanese cypress to commemorate the purchase of the 100th carbon offset machine.

Hitachi Construction Machinery will continue the carbon-offset campaign as a registered company participating in the Wood Products Use Campaign (Written in Japanese) (Note 2), which falls under the auspices of the Forestry Agency. Its aim is to improve forestry conditions by making efforts to use domestic wood to further raise the awareness of the agency’s campaign.

20 (1)

The 100th machine in the campaign


Plaque made of Japanese cypress commemorating the 100th machine


Mr. Ohara, director of the Ikegawa Forestry
Business Association, with the carbon
offset certificate.

Note 1 : Carbon offset
With this instrument, when businesses or other entities, despite their efforts, are having difficulty reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, it is possible for them to purchase greenhouse gas emission reduction or absorption credits that other entities have managed to achieve. This allows them to make up a part of in some cases the entire amount of greenhouse gas emissions that they themselves could not reduce.

Note 2 : Wood Products Use Campaign (Written in Japanese) 
This is a national campaign organized under the auspices of the Forestry Agency to improve the condition of forests through making efforts to use domestic wood, cultivate healthy forests that can absorb CO2, and to revitalize forestry.



Hitachi Construction Machinery is a registered company participating in theWood Products Use Campaign (Written in Japanese)  and performs activities to raise awareness to promote the use of domestic lumber.

The registration no. of Hitachi Construction Machinery : C-(1)-060022

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