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Discussion on the Environment by Manufacturing related Group Companies - Production Department Subcommittee holds Meeting for the Second Half of Fiscal 2012

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group engages in environment and society oriented businesses and environmental conservation activities based on the Group’s common Environmental Action Plan*. At manufacturing related Group companies which have a large scale and environmental load, persons in charge of environment promotion gather twice yearly and the Production Department Subcommittee holds meeting for the purpose of reporting on environmental activities and to exchange opinions.

In the Production Department Subcommittee meeting for the second half of fiscal 2012 held on December 20, a total of 17 persons from 7 domestic companies and the Environment Promotion Office participated. In the Subcommittee meeting, reports were provided concerning the status of efforts and the results of each company’s environmental activities, prospects for achieving the Environmental Action Plan and future points of activity and there was an active exchange of opinions. Although on this occasion there was no participation from overseas Group companies, conference materials will be translated into English and Chinese and distributed to all group companies in order to share activities and problem areas common to domestic and overseas companies. We will continue in the future to bolster the whole of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group’s performance on the environment and will advance information exchange and efforts on global environmental conservation activities.

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* Concerning the Environmental Action Plan

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