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Environmental education : Eco School

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. hosted its Eco School at the Urahoro Test Site on July 30, 2013. This is the second consecutive year the company conducted its Eco School program. It was a part of the Youth Leaders’ Training Seminar, which was sponsored by both the Urahoro Board of Education and the Urahoro Children’s Association Liaison Council. Nine elementary school children from Urahoro participated in the Eco School.

During the environmental lecture, Mr. Toshio Takishita from the Kasumigaura CitizensfAssociation, Mr. Akihiro Murose from the Wild Bird Society of Japan, and Mr. Noritake Ichida from BirdLife International gave lectures on the global environment and on local flora and fauna. The field observation portion of the program was cancelled unfortunately due to rain. Participants were allowed to touch taxidermied birds and observe the anatomical structure of animals.

During the hands-on-learning portion of this program, participants were allowed to ride on excavators and dump trucks to experience what it is like to use these machines for work. Lecturers also discussed the CO2 emissions from such machinery and familiar machinery as well.

The Eco School is a good opportunity to think about our current lifestyles and the environment. We will consecutively host the environmental education to contribute to the local community and awareness-raising activities.

01 (20)

Learning about the global environment

02 (15)

Learning about the birds and butterflies native to the Tokachi area

03 (8)

Studying the structure of a bird’s wing

04 (7)

The giant excavator is an impressive sight


Commemorative photograph

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