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Hitachi Baku Environmental Protection Classroom Presented for the Second Year (China)

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group promotes active information disclosure to stakeholders on its environmental conservation activities, while striving to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperative relations through vigorous communication initiatives. These efforts are listed in the Group’s Environmental Conservation Action Principles. As one phase of this stance, on March 20, the Hitachi Baku Environmental Protection Classroom was presented for approximately 100 third-grade students at the Denen Pilot Elementary School in Shanghai City, China. In keeping with the wishes of school authorities for more extensive eco-education, this Environmental Classroom was presented as the opening lesson of the new school year.

The students received the fairytale picture book The Planet in Song*1, with the “Environmental Action Team” comprised of employee-volunteers from Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. reenacting and performing the contents of the story. The Planet in Song provided an excellent opportunity to acquaint the children with the critical importance of working together to protect the planet.

After presenting a lecture on the environment, all students participated in a quiz concerning the environmental issues. This raised their interest in this area, while simultaneously deepening their grasp of ecology.

This program attracted keen attention from the local media, with coverage organized by Shanghai Media Group, a Chinese educational newspaper and other news services.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. organized the first Hitachi environmental protection classroom last year. This year, in view of the need to bolster the program as an educational scheme by the entire Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. also joined the effort to put on the second presentation in the series. Based on the enthusiastic response of the students, the plan is to energetically carry on and expand this educational initiative over the years to come.

*1 A children’s picture book produced by the Hitachi Group. A profile of the storyline follows:
The “baku” (tapir) is a creature appearing in Chinese folklore known for gobbling up bad dreams and creating good dreams. Good dreams, meanwhile, act like sparkling beams of light to instill people with courage and inspiration. Up to now, the baku has done its very best to devour the waste generated around the planet (bad dreams). Recently, however, that waste has grown too great for to consume in its entirety. Taking note of the struggling baku, children are inspired by their good dreams to join hands in cleaning up the community. The air and the water are cleansed and the waste disappears from the scene. As this comes to pass, the planet, which had lost its energy and ability to sing, once again breaks out in an exquisite singing voice.

01 (27)

Children enjoy the performance

02 (21)

Group photo

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