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Open cutting-edge eco-friendly facility in the outskirts of Brisbane (Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty., Ltd.)

In November 2012, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) (HCA) opened a new office building and plant in the suburbs of Brisbane, in the state of Queensland. The 80,000 m2 facility has assembly and painting lines that can accommodate mining dump trucks up to a size of 360-tons. Adjacent to this are facilities for remanufacturing parts. The company is now able to replace parts for mining machinery and make repairs on the spot.

According to David Harvey, Managing Director of HCA, the facilities represent an investment we made to steer our business in a positive direction and we plan to aim for higher levels of excellence. He added that this facility, which was based on plans drawn up by our employees, is at the forefront in safety, efficiency, and technology, and fosters improvement of the work environment. The latest technologies were employed in the construction of most of the buildings inside this facility. Moreover, the facility is eco-friendly and is designed to sustain the natural environment in the long term.

Stationary and removable air louvers are used at the facility to make maximize use of natural air ventilation and thereby boost energy efficiency. Also, insulation materials were used in areas, such as walls, ceilings, and floors. Smart lightening, which adjusts automatically depending on the level of natural light coming in, and translucent ceiling panels were also installed.

There is also a machine wash adjacent to the facility, which fully reuses the wastewater runoff after the machines are washed, to reduce impact on the environment. There is also a 642,000 liter storage tank which collects rainwater, preventing it from running into the facility. There is also another 270,000 liter storage tank on the roof to hold rainwater. The water from these tanks is used in the machine wash and the bathrooms in the facility.

The 350 m2 bio reservoir system releases clean water outside the facility by separating the sediment from the nutrients that are emitted from the facility.

Furthermore, to prevent the emission of toxic substances, there is a thermal electrodeposition painting area next to the plant’s painting line. Moving forward, we plan to continue to engage in measures to respond to customer needs and which are also eco-friendly and promote energy efficiency.

01 (24)

New office was opened in November

02 (18)

Floors and walls are insulated

03 (10)

Ceilings that let in the natural light

04 (9)

Rainwater is stored and used for washing machines and bathrooms

05 (6)

Environmentally friendly thermal electrodeposition facility

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