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Providing environmental training

Our group has two types of environmental training courses. One is an environmental training course for the entire group; the other is a participation-type environmental training course for which environmental themes are set at each premises.

In fiscal 2008, Tsuchiura Works organized a tour of a company that recovers and destroys fluorocarbon waste as part of a participation-type environmental training course in order that their employees could study the whole process from the recovery to the disposal of fluorocarbon waste. They arranged the tour because the process management procedures for fluorocarbons waste from Type 1 specified products (including air conditioners for business use and construction machinery) that are stipulated in the Law concerning the Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons took effect in October 1, 2007.

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Tour of a company that recovers and destroys fluorocarbon waste

As an environmental training program for the entire group, we provided the “eco-mind” training course by using an e-learning program of the Hitachi Group, in fiscal 2008. This training course was targeted at all of the employees who use computers including the employees of group companies in Japan. The training program was subscribed to by 2,942 of our employees (71%), and 3,777 of our group company employees (82%).

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Our group will continue to make efforts to raise the level of the environment conservation activities by providing environment training as stated above.


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