Hitachi Construction Machinery


Report on 2010 Horqin Desert Greening Activities

In 2005, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) established the “Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Greening Project” by commissioning the Horqin Desert Greening Project (Inner Mongolia, China) through G-net, an environmental NGO. No new tree planting activities were implemented in FY2010, but watering activities were carried out in June and September on pine trees planted in 2008 and 2009 and weeding was done once. In addition, 5,000 poplar trees were pruned to encourage healthy growth. Landowners and leaseholders were allowed to take prunings to use as fuel, which resulted in improved local understanding and support for the Greening Project.

In FY2011, a Hedge Keeper will work with locals to provide prunings for use and grass clippings for livestock feed, thereby encouraging recognition of the forest as a useful resource and furthering understanding of greening activities.

At the start of forestation activities in 2005.

Thorough watering of pine trees planted in 2008 one by one.

Lines of poplar trees.

At the same location in July 2010.

Pine trees planted in 2008 are still less than one meter tall.

The movement of grazing cattle in the area intensifies in winter, requiring careful fence repairs to prevent damage to plantings.

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