Hitachi Construction Machinery


Soil contamination survey

Contamination of soil with toxic substances endangers the health of anybody who breathes in the toxic substances directly from the soil or drinks underground water containing the toxic substances that have leached from the soil. The Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law was enforced in May 2002 to prevent hazards to health. The law prescribes that surveys of soil on land that may be contaminated, as stated below, be carried out as required to check the state of the soil.

  1. Land previously occupied by a factory or worksite that used banned toxic substances.
  2. Land that may pose a risk to health because of possible soil contamination.

Our group examines soil for any possible contamination when our group constructs new buildings or sells or purchases land to prevent soil that was contaminated in the past from destroying the environment or becoming a hazard to health. We have surveyed 22 pieces of land, including two in fiscal 2008.


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