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The Forestry, Timber Industry, Environmental Machines Exhibition 2010

The Forestry, Timber Industry, Environmental Machines Exhibition 2010 was held in Takazaki-city, Gunma Prefecture on October 3rd and 4th. This year, with the event taking place that was only a 15 minute drive from Takazaki station, the nearest bullet train stop, and with the fine weather, there were over 12,000 visitors, the biggest turnout ever. Over 1,500 visitors visited our booth.

We also implemented our event-type carbon offset that we initiated last year to restrain CO2emission.

We displayed not only Hitachi Construction Machinery Group’s machines such as the Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino, Tierra, REC, and TCM but also introduced the activities of “Ganbare regional forestry support business” by Hitachi Group’s Hitachi Capital, and presented business support ideas for our customers. Furthermore, as a sample exhibit, we displayed our 4-legged crawler type excavator that drew the attention of the crowd. Each leg of the 4-legged crawler can move independently in all directions so that the crawler can stabilize itself on irregular and unleveled surfaces. It also moves by using only one lever making it easy to operate by just tilting the lever in the direction you want to move.

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group will continue to promote safety and labor-saving activities at work environments for the forest and timber industry as well as promote environmental preservation activities.

01 (33)

Many visitors at the reception area

02 (26)

Continuing our carbon offset activities

03 (16)

From the Hitachi Group, a display by Hitachi Capital

05 (8)

Many people gathered for the demonstration

04 (14)

4-legged crawler excavator (sample exhibit)

06 (5)

All eyes on the demonstration

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