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Aiming to recycle resources, HCM Group is promoting the development of product recycling technology, and the reuse and recycling of used products.

Reuse/Recycling of Used Products

Parts Remanufacturing Business

Construction machinery is often used in severe working environments, making parts replacement and repairs a necessity. HCM began recycling construction machinery service parts in 1998. The used parts replaced during machinery repair are recovered, and are restored to a functionality that is equivalent to new parts at the recycling plant. These parts are provided to customers with a quality guarantee and at a reasonable price.
This initiative is to answer the needs of customers who wish to reduce the running cost of construction machinery, while at the same time, contributing to the global environment through an effective use of resources.Recycling by HCM is carried out on a global scale in 9 countries: Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, the Netherlands, Zambia, Canada, and the US.

Recycling of used products/parts Number recycled (units) No. of items recovered (units) Ratio Criterion, Method, Prerequisite, Other
Recycled parts 5,157 5,976 86% HCM’s Results

FY2018 Results


Cylinder remanufacturing work


Engine remanufacturing work

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