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Environmentally-Friendly Products

HCM Group is providing products and services in many fields which are environmentally-friendly and contribute to environmental protection.


To move towards solutions to environmental issues such as responding climate change, the cyclical use of resources, pollution prevention, biological diversity etc., the HCM Group is undertaking environmentally-friendly product manufacture.

As a response to climate change, we provide low-carbon type products such as hybrids, electric motors, and batteries etc. Furthermore, much focus is given these days to carbon-neutral bio-fuel, and we  achieved a world-first* 500-hour running time for a hybrid hydraulic excavator using 100% concentrated kelp-based bio-fuel in 2014.
Through its sales distribution networks around the world, HCM promotes the use of various alternative fuels that comply with the EU quality standard EN15940. The company also supports the use of paraffinic hydrocarbon fuels that can contribute to cleaner exhaust gas (less PM (particulate matter), HC (hydrocarbons), and CO (carbon monoxide) etc.).

For the conservation of resources, we provide environmental recycling machinery which recycles rather than disposes of the various renewable resources that arise daily at different sites, including construction generated soil, stone, timber, mixed waste material and more. Furthermore, in terms of bio-fuels currently available, we have put our focus on a bio-fuel known as “algae bio-fuel”, which is made from microalgae and can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels without affecting the food supply, and we are currently promoting the research and development of a hybrid hydraulic excavator which uses this.

For the prevention of pollution, we adhere to emissions restrictions and European REACH regulations etc., and provide the world with products which have passed strict emissions standards. As for products including hydraulic excavator , wheel loaders etc., we provide models which have passed not only the standards of Japan’s 2014 Off-road Act, but also Europe’s (Stage IV), and America’s (Interim Tier 4 Final), and we have constrained to a great degree SOx (Sulfur Oxide), NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and PM (Particulate Matter) emissions.

For the conservation of biodiversity, we provide forestry machinery which is useful in forest thinning and maintenance. (1) The ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere is increased in trees left over after thinning for forest maintenance (contributing to the prevention of global warming), (2) In order to succeed in improving the efficiency and economizing of personnel for our customers engaged in forest renewal, the HCM Group aims to contribute to carbon neutrality through the trees targeted by thinning during forest maintenance by offering the best possible lineup of high-performance forestry machinery.

Environmentally Conscious Products



* Environmentally-friendly products and services refers energy saving, low noise etc products and services made with their impact on the environment in mind. eg. Electric construction machinery, hybrid machinery, machinery with restricted gas emissions, low-noise machinery etc.

* Contribution to environmental protection refers to products and services with a focus on environmental protection (utility) such as pollution prevention, global environmental protection and improvement etc. eg. Environment/Recycling etc.

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