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We aim to maintain the richness of Earth and the prosperity of communities throughout the ages.
Hitachi Construction Machinery pursues optimal relations between people and work and provides creative products and solutions that maximize customers’ business value in our efforts to build a rich society.
Based on hydraulic control and sensing technologies applied to the main bodies of construction machinery, we develop products and solutions by applying ICT and analysis, IoT and AI technologies held by the Hitachi Group and partner companies. This is how we create innovations for customers and society.

Construction Machinery that Create New Value

TRIAS, an Energy-saving Hydraulic System for Hydraulic Excavators

In 1965, we installed on hydraulic excavators a two-pump and two-valve hydraulic system, which enables combined movements. Since then, we have continued to pursue operability that permits intuitive operations, thereby contributing to productivity improvement and acquiring a good reputation from customers.
The TRIAS energy-saving hydraulic system adopts a three-pump and three-valve system, which improves the fuel economy while supplying a sufficient amount of hydraulic oil during high-load operation. This technology was granted the FY 2017 Kanto Region Invention and Innovation Award at the Commissioner of the Patent Office Awards. (Patent No. 5572586) For the Hydraulic Excavator ZX200-6, and the Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator AH200-6, we have further evolved TRIAS and added an electromagnetic valve to each pump, enabling meticulous control of the hydraulic oil flow rate. Today, both society and customers require reduced energy consumption. In response, we at Hitachi Construction Machinery will continue to pursue both lower energy consumption and higher operability by combining our hydraulic control and electronic control technologies that we have cultivated.

Dump Truck with AC Drive System

A mining dump truck transports loads by traveling on unpaved roads for a long period. Operation of a mining dump truck requires a high level of driving skills and great concentration to remain alert at all times. Therefore, the reduction of operators’ fatigue is essential for maintaining safety and productivity.
Rigid dump trucks from Hitachi Construction Machinery feature an alternate current (AC) drive system that applies a highly responsive IGBT* inverter. These dump trucks also feature independent, meticulous control of the left and right motors, which has been enabled by taking advantage of technologies cultivated by Hitachi, Ltd. in the field of power infrastructures.
These Advanced Vehicle Stabilization Controls Technologies received a JSME Medal for New Technology 2014 hosted by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. They were highly reviewed for their pitching and sideslip prevention control for mining dump trucks, which feature a greater weight change and higher center of gravity than ordinary vehicles.

*IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor): It is a semiconductor that controls and supplies electric power.

Solutions for Customers’ Issues

Solution Linkage

At Hitachi Construction Machinery, we are developing ICT and IoT solutions for solving customers’ issues—to be overcome to achieve higher safety, greater productivity, and lower lifecycle cost.

Solution Linkage is centered around AHS Solutions, Fleet Management System and Solutions, ICT Construction Solutions, and Service Solution ConSite®. It creates new value by integrating these solutions with One Hitachi, which is a mass of a wide range of advanced technologies from the Hitachi Group, and open innovations, in which we apply technologies of partner companies.

Dump Trucks Autonomous Haulage System (AHS)

Amid the ongoing automation of mining sites, we at Hitachi Construction Machinery are conducting development tests for an Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) to enable the unmanned, autonomous operation of mining dump trucks.

In AHS, dump trucks travel autonomously by following commands from the Fleet Management System (FMS), thereby contributing to productivity and safety. We have introduced the AHS traffic control system, under which the path between the loading place and discharging place is divided into several sections so that only one dump truck travels in one section. This system contributes to improving safety and reducing the communication volume, which determines the number of controllable vehicles. The system is enabled by using a blockage management system for railway signaling safety system, which is a technology of Hitachi, Ltd. It is a product of One Hitachi.

arw_r Autonomous Haulage System(AHS)

Fleet Management System (FMS)

While a high level of operating efficiency and safety is required at such a site, the efficient operation and management of dump trucks is an important task in mining operations.

The Fleet Management System (FMS), which is provided by Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd., a Hitachi Construction Machinery Group company, monitors each dump truck on a real-time basis and dispatches trucks optimally. It aids the dispatcher in managing the operation efficiently.

In addition, FMS is capable of providing comprehensive support for mining operations with a wide range of applications, covering dump truck maintenance, time optimization for parts replacement, and output prediction based on mineral content.

arw_r Fleet Management System

ICT Hydraulic Excavator ZX200X-6

Demand for automation is also growing in the construction machinery market, reflecting social and customer issues, such as the decline of the working population and the need to improve productivity.
The ICT Hydraulic Excavator ZX200X-6 from Hitachi Construction Machinery, comes with Solution Linkage® Assist, a machine control function developed independently by the company. Based on the machine’s location information and 3D information about angle of bucket teeth, which is obtained from the GNSS* receiver, Solution Linkage Assist controls the front section of the machinery (boom, arm, and bucket) semi-automatically on a real-time basis in accordance with the design values, thereby enabling efficient operations without excavating too much of the target surface.

*GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System.


Construction machinery operate for a long time in a variety of environments all over the world. At Hitachi Construction Machinery, we offer ConSite®, a service solution that helps prevent machine issues by checking the condition of construction machinery, so that customers’ construction machinery can always deliver the best performance under optimal conditions.
ConSite® is a unique technology of Hitachi Construction Machinery. It uses big data, including operational information of construction machinery accumulated over many years, and automatically analyzes, extracts, and provides information that is valuable for customers. This service was launched in 2013. In 2017, we launched a service for monitoring oil conditions using sensors, which is the first of its kind in the construction machinery industry.
We will continue to apply sensing technologies, AI technologies, and other technologies for predicting failures in construction machinery and achieving a 90% rate of detection for signs of trouble.

arw_r Service Solution ConSite®

Environmental initiatives

ZH200-6, the Third Generation Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator of Hitachi Construction Machinery

Construction machinery are capital goods of customers. Therefore, the mission of a construction machinery manufacturer is to develop machines with low fuel consumption without sacrificing operating performance and operability.
Since we launched a hybrid hydraulic excavator in 2011, our designers have continued to pursue improvements in the operability to permit intuitive operation and to increase the work rate of the machine while achieving low fuel consumption.
The ZH200-6, the third-generation hybrid hydraulic excavator, combines our proprietary technology with technology from open innovation. Our proprietary technology for the hydraulic system was combined with a hybrid unit technology from Toyota Industries Corporation, which the company cultivated in both the automotive field and the field of industrial vehicles. These two technologies are controlled in an integrated manner with a vehicle body controller. By optimally managing the mechanical power and electric power in accordance with the workload, the ZH200-6 has achieved 40% lower fuel consumption compared to that of the ZX200-3 as the benchmark while maintaining the operability.

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