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New improved HX Series

12 Sep, 2001

Release of the Hitachi HX120B, HX140B Crawler-type High Elevation Work Vehicle

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (President: Ryuichi Seguchic ;Capital: ¥²2,199,050,000) has developed and will release for sale the telescope boom-type HX 120B (12.02m work height limit) and the HX 140B (13.9m work height limit) on September 17.
These two new machine types have been released amongst the already popular HX64B, HX99B, and HX220B to make this an industry top-class series for crawler-type high elevation work vehicles. Both types are hydraulically operated, and maintenance characteristics far surpass those of the earlier electrically operated types. The powerful compact body effectively permits work in tight places, and ease of maintenance and inspections are just some of the features they possess. The projected combined sales goal for the two is 100 machines/year.

Main Features

  1. Compact body suited to narrow work sites; Compact body with small rear-end revolution radius; A powerful ally in narrow work sites.
  2. Comfortable operation; Hydraulic pilot system allows delicate maneuvering.
  3. Easy overall maintenance, daily maintenance, and inspections can be easily done from the engine room-side door; Use of our own HB bush ,which allows for long intervals between greasings.
Primary Specifications
Specifications HX120B HX140B
Max. work height limit 12,020 13,900
Max. work radius 10,460 12,600
Load capacity (kg) 250 250
Mass (kg) 6,700 8,100
Back end work radius 1,270 1,470
Total length during transport
(boom fully retracted)
6,130 7,900
Total height during transport
(boom fully lowered)
2,390 2,430
Total width during transport
(full crawler width)
2,150 2,300
Engine std. output: kW/min-1 13.6 / 2,200 13.6 / 2,200

Note: SI unit indications are based in international units.


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