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Hitachi Construction Machinery Commences Sales of the EX5600-6 and EX2600-6

23 Jan, 2012

– 550/250 ton class ultra-large hydraulic excavator with increased production –

Hitachi Construction Machinery (President, Michijiro Kikawa) will commence sales of the ultra-large hydraulic excavators EX5600-6 and EX2600-6 (both of which engine-driven) on February 1, succeeding the EX5500-6 and EX2500-6 models, ultra-large hydraulic excavators operating globally in large-scale mining etc., in order to increase production.

Since their release in January 2008, the EX5500-6 and the EX2500-6, as well as our company’s other ultra-large hydraulic excavators, the EX8000-6, EX3600-6 and EX1900-6, have been highly valued by global mining customers, including major mining companies, for their production and high availability, based on reliability. On the other hand, based on the recent market trend of increasing resource demands, further increased production of ultra-large hydraulic excavators, which tackle excavation and loading works, has also been requested, as well as increased transporting capacity for the dump trucks used to convey the excavated ore etc.

The backhoe type EX5600-6 and EX2600-6 follow the design policy of proven original machines. The bucket capacity has been upsized from the original 29 m3 to 34m3 for the EX5600-6 and from 15 m3 to 17 m3 for the EX2600-6 in addition to shortening the reach of the front attachment; achieving a large production with a cycle time equivalent to original machines by boosting the engine output while keeping the reliability and durability of the structures. As a result, in the case of the backhoe type EX5600-6, the number of bucket passes required to fill a dump truck with a nominal payload of 220 tons became four rather than five original machines, significantly increasing the production efficiency by shortening of the loading time.

Also, regarding the electrical motor-driven type ultra-large hydraulic excavators, which are shipped steadily, mainly to Russia, the CIS countries and China, due to the excellent versatility of the operational work they allow compared with electrical motor-driven mechanical cable type excavators and the availability of existing power supply facilities, the model change of the 550 and 250 ton class models will be conducted sequentially to enrich the series. Also, in the case of the operation site, where relatively low cost electric power can be utilized in relation to the recent rising cost of crude oil, sales to newly developed mines or North/Latin America markets will be promoted using the above fact as a selling point.
Total sales of the two models, including both engine types and the electrical motor, are expected to reach 100 machines a year.


Major features

1.Excellent productivity

  • The bucket capacity was upsized from the original 29 m3 to 34 m3 for the backhoe type EX5600-6 and from 15 m3 to 17 m3 for the backhoe type EX2600-6.
  • The bucket capacity was upsized from the original 27 m3 to 29 m3 for the loading shovel type EX5600-6.
  • A cycle time equivalent to original machines is realized through boosting the engine output.
  • In the case of the backhoe type EX5600-6, the number of bucket passes required to fill a dump truck with a nominal payload of 220 tons became four rather than five original machines, significantly increasing the production efficiency due to the shortened loading time.
  • If the number of passes remains the same as the original EX5500-6 or EX2500-6 to match the larger class dump truck, the new excavators would contribute to the improvement of the haulage efficiency.

2.High reliability and durability

  • The engine installed is the same type as that proved in the EX5500-6 and EX2500-6.
  • In accordance with the boosting of engine output, the cooling performance of the radiator and oil cooler is increased to protect the engine and hydraulic devices.
  • For the undercarriage and hydraulic cylinder etc., parts common to original machines are used.

3.Excellent operability and work environment

  • Roomy cab with sufficient width and consideration for visibility.
  • Installation of LED lighting in the cab.
  • Provision of an operating space with the operator in mind, such as application of an air suspension seat
  • The control levers are proven list control type electric levers, which have a reputation for operability.
  • Support for diagnosing the failure portion via the monitoring function of the large size LCD monitor

4.Improved maintainability

  • EX2600-6 has adopted the additional passage for the mechanics for improved maintainability

5.Measures for the operating environment

  • In the standard specifications, the design takes into consideration operation in tropical or hot regions. It is also possible to cope with the specifications for the extreme cold areas or highlands (engine type).

6.Harmonization with the mine management system

  • Optional interface with major mine management systems commonly used in many mine sites, including Wenco Fleet Management Systems (provided by Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.) is made available.

Major Specifications

(Engine type)

Major Specifications
Model EX2600-6 EX5600-6
Engine Model Cummins QSKTA50-CE Cummins QSKTA50-CE
Displacement(L) 50.0 50.0
Rated power(gross)(kW/min-1) 1,119/1,800 1,119/1,800×2
Backhoe Operating weight(kg) 254,000 537,000
Bucket capacity(m3) 17.0 34.0
Bucket digging force(kN) 830 1,480
Arm crowd force(kN) 785 1,300
Loading shovel Operating weight(kg) 252,000 533,000
Bucket capacity(m3) 15.0 29.0
Bucket digging force(kN) 943 1,590
Arm crowding force on ground(kN) 918 1,520

Note: All units are SI international standards.



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