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1,000,000 hours of cooperative work with EH1700 and EX2500E

15 Mar, 2007

On 12th November 2006, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited jointly celebrated successfully working together for one million hours using Hitachi mining equipment at Mae Moh, Lampang Province.


The celebration, achieved one million hours operation of Hitachi mining equipment. (From left to right , Mr. Premchai Karnasuta, President of Italian-Thai Development Public Co Ltd and Mr. Ryuichi Seguchi , Consultant to the Board of Directors of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd.)

The success of one million hours represents the halfway point for this project. Mr.Makoto Teradaira,Managing Director of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Attributed this success to several factors, but the most important being the company’s emphasis on “Customer First”

“First we listen to the needs of our customers, then we find an appropriate solution of Hitachi equipment to serve those needs. We are able to come up with the right options to meet the demands of our customers, in terms of machines, after sales service including service and spare parts,” he said.


Cooperating works with Hitachi and Italian-Thai Development Public Company.

“Hitachi has the capability to produce the largest mining equipment in the world including excavators and dump tracks. Our strong point is advanced technology, particularly our electronics and electrical systems, information technology system, and environmentally friendly design technology. For example, our new machines have low fuel consumption since they use commonrail engines and the EGR technology ensures complete combustion of exhaust gases before emission to the environment. Hitachi designed Low Noise system that ensures machine operators work in a healthy environment. We also use electric power, which is a clean energy, with mining equipment of 250 tons. Our technologies bring benefits to the environment, to operators and to people of nearby communities.”

Another issue that Hitachi never overlooks is the issue of service. “We thoroughly train our engineers and mechanics in workshop and product knowledge and, because our customers use Hitachi machines during day and night, our team of mechanics are on standby around the clock.”

When asked about the reasons for Hitachi’s strong commitment, Mr. Makoto Teradaira responded, “Our objective is to be the best dealer operating in Thailand. Even though we are a foreign company we strive to understand and assist Thai society in every way possible. For instance, when the Tsunami struck, Hitachi donated a Medium-size excavator to the Social Department and Human Security Ministry to help in restoration work. In terms of business, we strive for sufficient sales and an appropriate level of profit, create a happy working environment for our staff, and our customers are satisfied with our Hitachi products and services.”

One million hours of cooperative working is a clear reflection of the excellent working spirit and potential of every department in their pursuit of working excellence.

(Author HCMT)


At the huge open-pit mine, Hitachi shovels and dump trucks are working.

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