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Saving our forests to save our planet‒Satoyama Conservation Activities (Tadakiko)


Toyotomi Donguri‒no‒Mori, an acorn forest, lies adjacent to the No.2 plant at Tadakiko Co., Ltd. The approximately 5 hectare forest stretches across the townships of Toyotomi and Suzumi in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture. The forest went unmanaged for more than 30 years and consequently became a “mountain of trash” due to the illegal dumping of waste.

In light of this, from 2012 Tadakiko began participating in the forest conservation and development activities being carried out by Toyotomi Donguri‒no‒Mori∗1, an organization named after the forest which is certified under Chiba Prefecture’s satoyama (undeveloped woodland) ordinance. Tadakiko endorses this forest development activity and make efforts for illegally dumped waste removal, clearing away of underbrush, thinning, and the creation of concourses and hiking paths.

Today, the forest has undergone a complete change and has a bright feel to it. Wild birds and flowers are now visible. After a clean‒up session at the end of 2013, the employees that took part in the activity made kadomatsu, a traditional New Year’s decoration consisting mainly of pine and bamboo, from materials gathered from the forest and placed in them in front of the main entrance of the company. It is our aim to contribute to the conservation of the global environment by caring for nearby woodlands and forests through these activities.


Entrance to Donguri‒no‒Mori (acorn forest)


Cleaning up the forest


Commemorative photograph at the forest entrance


Participants made traditional New Year’s kadomatsu decorations

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