Hitachi Construction Machinery


Nikkei, Inc. Corporate Environmental Management Ranking Results

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun conducted its 17th Corporate Environmental Management Ranking. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group scored 461 points, out of a total of 500, putting it 25th, among the 429 companies in the manufacturing industry that responded to the survey. The HCM Group came in 3rd in its industry grouping (machinery).

The survey evaluates a company’s environmental management in five categories: environmental management promotion system, pollution and biodiversity measures, resource recycling, product measures, and global warming measures.

In the categories of environmental management promotion and pollution and biodiversity measures, HCM group garnered higher scores than in the previous year, although is score for resource recycling dipped slightly from a year earlier. Under the resource recycling category, companies are judged for water usage and the effective use of materials. HCM has set a “zero” emissions goal to improve its resource recycling. The company aims to create cutting‒edge, eco‒friendly plants, and continue to move forward with its environmental preservation activities.


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