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Second HCM Festival in Ryugasaki

On May 25, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. hosted the 2nd HCM Festival in Ryugasaki. This year the festival was also held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the City of Ryugasaki’s reorganization into a city. As a result, this year’s event was very large. Despite hot summer temperatures in the afternoon, the turnout was roughly 3,000 people, including local residents.

Just like the previous year, visitors were greeted by lines of refreshment booths run by the Ryugasaki Chamber of Commerce, including booths that sold various Croquettes that were designed to represent the town and spark its revitalization. At the main stage, local dance groups performed; popular anime character shows were held; and the Ryugasaki mascot, Mairyu, made an appearance with the mayor. The festivities concluded with a rousing raffle extravaganza.

Demonstrations were held in a specially set up space. Visitors were allowed to sit in the driver’s seat of the twin‒arm machinery ASTACO and a performance was given to show what our construction machinery can do. The opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat proved to be an exciting experience for visitors who tried it. Aside from this there were many other fun events, including the mini excavator fishing game, test rides on a wheel loader, a tour of the assembly plant, eco‒cap art, children’s charity games, and other attractions. The festival came to a close without a single weather mishap.

Going forward, we plan to continue to host the festival for the enjoyment of the many visitors.

The 2nd HCM Festival in Ryugasaki!

Refreshment booths hosted by the Ryugasaki Chamber of Commerce were a success!

The local Yosakoi Soran dance team (Ryugasaki Tensyo Nakamura‒gumi)

Performance by a local Ryujin Taiko drum preservation society

A local street dance team (Miracle) performed

The local mascot, Mairyu, made an appearance!

This year’s raffle was rousing

Demonstration of the twin‒arm machinery ASTACO

A standard favorite, the compact‒excavator fishing game

Sitting in the driver’s seat

Visitors touring the assembly plant (touring the plant in an electric cart)

Children participated in creating huge eco‒cap art

Charity games for children

Various attractions including Fua‒fua Ryuta

Visitors riding the mini train!

The local longevity society showed children old‒fashioned games

The local fire station displayed its fire engines

A local Ibaraki Nissan dealer displayed the GT‒R and other vehicles

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