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Looking Forward to the Next Ten Years, Hitachi Construction Machinery Continues the New Chapter of Green Welfare (Hitachi Construction Machinery Shanghai)


The Hitachi Construction Machinery Forest has become prosperous after 10 years of careful cultivation. On August 20, 2014, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (short : HCS) and its partners came to Horqin of Inner Mongolia again. They summarized greening work of the forest covering an area of 100,000m2 in the past 10 years and witness the starting of new Greening Project covering an area of 130,000m2 in the next 10 years.


In order to continue the green story for the next 10 years in Horqin, HCS invited about 40 people to join the Foundation Ceremony for the New Land of Sands and participate to make the first plant of tree seedlings, they are included Mr. Naoyoshi Yamada, the General Manager of CSR Promotion Office of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.; Ms. Pauline Zee, the General Manager of Corporate Communications Management Department of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Ms. Hongxia Shen, the Chief Representative of Dealership Association; Mr. Takashi Otaki, the Chief Representative of NGO Green Network, the General Managers of other dealers and the media.


In 2004, HCS made the first cultivation of Horqin Desert Greening Project, this is one of the important project of the company CSR activity. Under the great support from Hitachi Construction Machinery Group and voluntary by the company staff, the trees were growing up in this barren land and become large and strong. After 10 years’ effort, HCS has successfully completed 100,000 square meters of green mission.

At present, 100,000 m2 of greening task is achieved, it has made outstanding contribution on sandy land and environmental improvement, windproof and employment creation, it provides a strong protection for sustainable development of local village. The Horqin Desert Greening Project had obtained the Environment Award for CSR Activity from Hitachi (China) Ltd. in 2009 and 2010 and the Environment Award of China Area for the Inspiration of The Year Global Grand Award from Hitachi Ltd. in 2012. The volunteers who participated in the project are all proud of the present achievement. Under 10 years’ persistence and efforts, Hitachi Construction Machinery Forest becomes the outstanding result of CSR implementation.


HCS has made the plan of new Forest for the next 10 years. In the new stage, HCS is working together with 26 Chinese dealers to participate in afforestation of 130,000m2 area. In the activity, a worker who is working for the forest in a long time, he said, “the new plan is causing the positive changes for local natural environment and social environment in the next 10 years; the economic crops will be planting and implement the reasonable grazing animals, it is going to help for healthy development of regional economy”.

Besides the continuous efforts on the afforest plan, HCS also pays attention to the development of environmental education in China. HCS holds the activity of “HITACHI Environmental Protection Class” for teenagers in many years. In the class, we popularize the environmental protection knowledge to the students through vivid description and joyous interaction. HCS always keeps excellent eco innovation power in product R&D; and manufacturing in order to achieve the environmental goal of reducing the carrying capacity of environment and improving the resource allocation.

In globally, as a construction machinery manufacturer with earth environment symbiosis, Hitachi Construction Machinery continues to promote various environmental activities and implement the “Environmental Vision”. In the process of implementing “Environmental Vision 2025”, Hitachi Construction Machinery Group made the third stage of environmental action plan in 2011-2015, the Group has achieved positive progress in reducing carbon dioxide emission, improving green score and promoting environmental communication. In 2020 mediumterm plan, Hitachi Construction Machinery raises the development goal of becoming “A construction machinery manufacturer with earth environment symbiosis”. It realizes the social value of the company through eco product manufacturing, eco idea spreading and public-welfare activity.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. unites the business advantages to promote CSR business with the dealers and partners together in China. The company is making the greater contributions of environment protection and education for sustainable development of Chinese society.

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