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New Energy-efficient, Eco-friendly Main Plant in Operation (Tadakiko Co., Ltd.)


Tadakiko Co., Ltd. relocated its main plant and operations at the new main plant were started in May 2014.

The area surrounding the former plant is being transformed into a residential area and there were condominium complexes situated next-door to the plant. The new plant is located in an industrial park as a show of consideration to local residents regarding issues such as noise. The new main plant is located only several hundred meters to the No. 2 plant, which is also in the industrial park. This has boosted distribution efficiency and is contributing to a reduction in environmental impact from transporting goods.

The plant building is equipped with the latest in energy-efficient fixtures, including a heat pump ventilation unit, LED lighting, and a ceiling that lets in natural light. Solar panels have been installed on the entire roof of the plant building. These solar panels are expected to generate an annual 465,000kWh, all of which is to be sold. Also, the cargo unloading dock is situated on the side of the plant that is opposite the residential area, while the office building is closest to the residential area, as a courtesy to people living close by to safeguard them from noise and vibrations.

As operations at the new plant get on track further out, we anticipate a notable improvement in energy costs and work environment in contrast with the old plant.

01 (1)
Main gate

03 (1)
Solar panels installed on the roof

02 (1)
Plants at the side of the main gate have been trimmed to spell out TADA

04 (1)
Natural light beams in from the ceiling

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