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Carbon Offsetting at the Kasumigaura Marathon


Hitachi Construction Machinery is actively promoting carbon offsetting* activities. In 2015, the company extended the scope of these activities from trade shows and factory festivals to the Kasumigaura Marathon.

HCM carries out production activities in Kasumigaura and its basin. The carbon offsetting activities conducted this time around were planned as a way to contribute to the community and to raise environmental awareness. At the event, carbon offsetting activities were carried out at the HCM booth and for the ferry used to promote the event and carbon offsetting. We utilized the CO2 credits earned through its forest maintenance activities in the surrounding area in Kasumigaura. Climate change is said to be responsible for adversely impacting water resources and flora and fauna habitats. It is important that we protect the earth’s environment for our children’s future.

HCM plans to raise local residents’ awareness in the earth’s environment through its carbon offsetting activities.

01 (12)

Ms. Chisato Haga, grand prize winner for the 47th Miss Nippon Contest in 2015 and Mr. Toshihiro Oono, Vice President and Executive Officer, and General Manager of the Environment Policy Division at HMC, pose for a picture in front of the HCM exhibition booth

02 (9)

A placard on a ferry advocating carbon offsetting

*The goal of carbon offsetting is for a company to first identify the amount of its CO2 emissions, then to implement measures to reduce its emissions. However, in certain circumstances where CO2 emissions cannot be reduced, companies implement CO2 reduction/absorption projects or activities elsewhere to offset these emissions.

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