Hitachi Construction Machinery


Providing Support to Rehabilitate the Kasumigaura Basin and Lake Ishida Foreshore


A major plant of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located near Kasumigaura, Ibaraki Prefecture. We are aiming to contribute to the local community. One such effort we recently carried out was to support the foreshore rehabilitation along Lake Ishida, which is a project that is being implemented by the Kasumigaura Citizen’s Association.

The foreshore along Lake Ishida is the site of the Enjoyable Waterfront School*1, which is sponsored by the Kasumigaura Citizen’s Association. The man-made sandy shore was created to allow children to experience the Kasumigaura waterfront. Previously the thick growth of reeds blocked off access to the water. Thus far, the reeds were cut back four times a year. However, to hold the school, in March of this year, our heavy machinery was used for uprooting to clear the area. After the uprooting was completed, the sand that was removed was returned to area where the reeds were uprooted. The area that was covered by grass was transformed into a clean waterfront area. The sandy shore is now a safe place for children to play.

Going forward we plan to continue to actively implement environmental conservation activities for the benefit of the local community.

*1 Enjoyable Waterfront School
The goal is to create a “swimmable Kasumigaura,” a program being sponsored by the Kasumigaura Citizen’s Association. The school is an event meant for fun and enjoyment. It was held to clean up the waterfront area to create a place where people can play, and to educate people about Kasumigaura.

01 (11)

Thick growth of reeds

02 (8)

Heavy machinery operations

03 (4)

Before uprooting

04 (3)

After uprooting

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