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Introducing the HCM Group’s environmental activities


The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is conducting environmental activities in various fields. Herein is an introduction of progressive environmental activities, and products and services that were given awards by the Hitachi Group in 2015.

1. ZH200-5B hybrid hydraulic excavator

In contrast with the existing ZX200-3 model, the ZH200-5B uses 30% less fuel (P-mode comparison). Furthermore, this model is loaded with an environmentally-friendly engine, and meets emissions standards in Japan, the UK, and Europe. Customers are highly commending the ZH200-5B for its cost, performance, and operability.


2. Hitachi Environmental Protection Classroom (Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.)

Employees from Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) volunteer to teach children from kindergartens and elementary schools in Hefei City, where the company is located, about environmental protection through skits and quizzes. This has been widely covered by local media because of the partnership between academia and the corporate sector to boost environmental awareness.

Hitachi Environmental Protection Classroom

3. Reducing environmental impact and communication with the local community through environmental activities (Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd.)

In conjunction with the relocation of the Osaka Production Center, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra reviewed the division of production duties with the Shiga Production Center. This reduced waste output by 70% and cut electrical power usage by 30%. Moreover, Tierra hosts a summer festival for the local community to actively carry out environment activities with local residents, including the recovery of used household vegetable oil. In addition, as a part of its ecosystem conservation activities, the company began developing a biotope by planting greenery on the plant site.

Introducing Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra’s Hitachi Eco-factory

Developing a biotope

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