Hitachi Construction Machinery


Initiatives for the Reduction of Waste and Effective Use of Resources (Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia)


Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty., Ltd. (HCA) is conducting various eco-friendly initiatives.
Starting from 2014, HCA introduced new initiatives that aim at reducing waste and effectively using resources.
HCA has begun recovering spent batteries at all its sites. The batteries are taken to a treatment vendor for recycling. This enables the reuse of spent batteries, which contain toxic substances, as a resource. In 2014, HCA recovered nearly 13,300t in spent batteries for recycling.
In addition, HCA has transferred all the standard information on various order forms from its server and uploaded it to its website to reduce the use of printing paper. Furthermore this also reduces data processing and saves on server capacity. Consequently, in 2014 HCA saved on its paper usage by 370 reams of paper (1 ream has 500 sheets) and freed up its server capacity by 22GB.


Recovered spent batteries

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