Hitachi Construction Machinery


Promoting Activities for Women’s Career Advancement


Hitachi Construction Machinery Group created a Diversity Promotion Group in April 2011. We are working to establish and promote diversity, and every year we hold a Diversity Committee meeting, where we confirm the progress of activities and promotion plan for the next fiscal year.

We also raised five topics to address for diversity promotion in HCM Group, and established subcommittees to formulate measures to tackle them.

Within this, supporting the career advancement of women and minorities was also highlighted, and we have continued to work on various measures in this area.

HCM Group upholds the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace that went into effect from April 1, 2016 for the provision of an environment where women can advance and demonstrate their abilities as desired in their working lives. In line with this, we have formulated an Action Plan for promoting women’s advancement. The Plan lists the following three points as goals: Improvement of motivation by expanding opportunities and demonstrating abilities, promotion of work styles that are flexible and highly productive, and creation of a climate for accepting diversity. Accordingly, we are working hard to implement initiatives to achieve these goals in the future.

We continue to support the further participation of female employees by encouraging the active recruitment of women together with creating employment conditions where women can be highly motivated to work.

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