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Main Environmental and CSR Activities in Europe and Russia in FY2015


Supporting Children’s Exchange Programs (Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe))


On April 3, 2015, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) (HCME) conducted an introduction to Japanese culture and Ikebana workshop for Dutch children at our Amsterdam factory. This was held in preparation of an exchange program with Japanese children, and was joined by children aged 12 to 13.

After beginning with a tour of the factory, they went on to have a Japanese lunch with an explanation about Japanese food. In an introduction to Japanese culture, there was also a story of a student who spent her time in Japan. In the Ikebana workshop, the children become very involved in creating their own flower arrangements.

The children who gained knowledge of Japan in this workshop visited Japan from April 20 to May 3, 2015. We hope their experience at HCME proved helpful.
After this exchange, Japanese children visited Holland from April 21 to April 29, 2016, where they visited schools and went sightseeing.

HCME took the children for a walk through the city, and the two Japanese guides who accompanied the children during their trip also received a tour around the factory of HCME in Amsterdam.

We are very pleased that HCME could support the children’s exchange program this time. We will continue our involvement in activities that contribute to society.

Tour of the practice room for technical training

Tour of the practice room for technical training

Children involved in Ikebana

Children involved in Ikebana

Other Main Environmental and CSR Activities in Europe and Russia in FY2015

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe)

  • Hosted the “Randstad” Mechanic competition, 1st prize is an internship with Williams F1 team
  • Made a yearly donation to Amstelland Hospital to support its “Japan Desk”
  • Held Open Door Day for customers, end-users, employees, family and community
  • Provided Electric car chargers at both main locations
  • Supported local (Oosterhout region) lower and middle technical education related to operating and maintenance of excavators


Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia Manufacturing (HCMR)

  • Held introduction tours to HCMR factory
  • Gave New Year gifts to employees’ children
  • Utilized used paper
  • Made donations to Charities for communities with children living with cancer


Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia Sales(HCRS

  • Held customer tours to Hitachi Construction Machinery group factories and introduction tours to HCMR factory
  • Provided ways for employees to commute in winter
  • Made donations to Charities supporting childhood cancer
  • Placed a banner on the HCRS web-site inviting people to become donors for children with childhood cancer
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