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Conducted a Field inspection on Waste Disposal Vendors (Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia)


Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia is promoting environmental activities based on ISO 14001, and conducts a field inspection on waste disposal vendors biannually.

In April 2016, our ISO audit team visited two of our contracted industrial waste disposal vendors.*


One company is commissioned to treat paint sludge/filter and other forms of industrial waste, and utilizes environmentally conscious incinerator pressure jet .

The other company is commissioned to treat liquid waste paint and other forms of industrial waste, and recycles our liquid waste paint into products such as a water-purifying agent for water treatment facilities and fertilizer.


Both companies acquired waste management licenses from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, so we could verify that these waste disposal vendors will actively carry out environmentally conscious initiatives as well as appropriate treatment.


*PT. Wastec International and PT. Sinerga

At PT. Wastec International

PT. Sinerga’s vertical incinerator


Recycled liquid waste paint

Incinerator pressure jet

Reactor facility

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