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Tierra’s Initiatives to Reclaim Lake Biwa’s Rich Environment(Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra)


Shiga Prefecture designated July 1 as Lake Biwa day. Members from the public and private sector cooperate in a concerted cleaning the lake and its shores. Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra (Tierra), in support of these activities, cleaned the roads around its plants and the ditches along the rice fields.

Furthermore, in conjunction with the Lake Biwa Dragon Boat Race* held each August, Tierra held a fishing tournament to eradicate non-native invasive fish species to protect Lake Biwa’s ecosystem. A total of 147 employees from Tierra participated in the day’s events, some as rowers in the dragon boat race, some as the cheering section for the boat race, and others as the cheering section for the non-native fish species fishing tournament. This was the second time Tierra held the fishing tournament. A total of 5 kilos of non-native invasive fish species were eradicated.

In September 2015, a law was passed for the conversation and reclamation of Lake Biwa, positioning the lake as a national asset. It is our responsibility to pass on this precious natural environment and its abundant resources to future generations. This event serves as an opportunity to give more thought to the future of Lake Biwa.


*Dragon boats are long, narrow paddle boats that originated in China

■ Beautification activities carried out in cooperation by members of the public and private sector on Lake Biwa day (July 1). Cleaning activities at riverside parks and around the plant.



■ Participated in the Lake Biwa Dragon Boat Race on August 21. Three boats from Tierra were entered into the race. This year the first all-women’s team participated.



■ In addition to cheering on colleagues in the boat race, the 2nd non-native fish species fishing tournament was also held. In all, 147 employees participated.





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